Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Neck Tattoo
So, what's the pain really like? Well, there are a few variables. First, the kind of art matters: Thinner lines might not sting as much as bold designs requiring a fill-in. Secondly, hand-poked art could make all the difference: Both Bruno Levy, co-owner of Brooklyn's Bandit Studio, and Montreal-based tattoo artist Romeo agree that, in…
Meet The Founder Making Space For Women In Combat Sports
Standing at four feet eleven inches, Lynn Le can almost certainly beat you up. As a plenty esteemed kickboxing instructor with a brown belt in Krav Maga, she is nothing if not a weighty opponent. But Le's finest work is not limited to her reign in the ring: Most recently, she’s responsible for crafting a…
PSA: You Can Amazon Prime A Dyson Vacuum For 40% Off
Home My Dallas Apartment Costs $1,200 A Month — Here's How Big It Is In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial women. Today, 28-year-old Erica Massey shows by Jessica Chou
23 Cult-Favorite Amazon Prime Beauty Products On Sale Right Now
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick This lip-color classic feels like a creamy balm going on, but has the intense, long-lasting color payoff of a liquid lipstick. Right now, you can grab most of the Stila shades, like this deep red, for just $16 each.
7 Zinc Oxide Sunscreens That Won’t Make People Think You’re The Lifeguard
For some weird reason, the visard hasn't stood the test of time quite as well as another centuries-old sun protector: zinc oxide, which has been used as a physical sun protectant for thousands of years. Unlike chemical sunscreens, which absorb UV light, physical sunscreens create a barrier that reflects the light so it doesn't reach…