12 Of Refinery29’s Favorite Gadgets At CES

At the Consumer Electronics Show this week, I saw a toilet paper robot, a cat pillow robot, and a robot whose sole purpose was to slice cheese. I also saw more smart light bulbs, hairdryers, electric bikes, smart mattresses, VR headsets, gaming consoles, and AR simulations than my brain could properly register.

But I zeroed in on the good stuff — and I’m here to tell you my favorite picks across lifestyle, smart home, health, sex, and sleep tech. Most products are launching later this year, but you’ll want to get in on the waitlists ASAP.

Best Kitchen Gadget: Cookingpal’s Julia

If you, like me, enjoy home-cooked food but lack kitchen skills, there’s a robot chef named Julia who might save your life. She can cook, chop, mix, blend, kneed, weigh, whisk, emulsify, boil, steam, grind, and grate. The accompanying app is preloaded with tons of recipes from which you can select. From here, all you need to do is buy the ingredients and prepare them as directed by Julia before she takes over. With this device, you can also tweak serving sizes, create your own recipes, or get recipe recommendations based on what’s in your refrigerator.

Best Desk Accessory: Lexon Essentials

These desk accessories are mini and chic and colorful and wonderful and I want them all. That is basically all. And they look even better together. Mina is an adorable mushroom-shaped LED lamp, Tykho is a tiny Bluetooth speaker (and Mino is an even smaller one), and Flip+ is a reversible alarm clock.

Best Beauty Gadget: L’Oréal Perso

It might look like a coffee thermos, but this one truly feels like beauty of the future. Each Perso device (there’s one for skincare, one for lipstick, and a third for foundation) pairs with an accompanying Perso app which lets you customize your desired product. Then, with a simple tap, said product miraculously emerges from the top of your physical device.

I watched the lipstick demo, where I selected my preferred shade from a series of trendy shades in a menu on the app (you can also match a color to your outfit or choose from a color wheel), which was then produced from a combination of the three cartridges loaded in my device. A kind of magic.

Best Fitness Gadget: Cubii Go

Like a standing desk, except you’re sitting…and essentially using an elliptical underneath the table. When I demoed this on the showroom floor, I became obsessed instantaneously. It’s low-impact, which makes it great for users of all ages, but it’s also ideal for someone with a 9-to-5 looking to get in a workout on the clock. It’s also relatively compact, easy to wheel around, and it pairs with an app that tracks your progress.

Best Sleep Tech: Hatch Restore

If you’re looking for a more regimented sleep schedule, Hatch is basically a bedtime routine in a box. From reading time to wind-down meditation to white noise for sleeping to a sunrise alarm eight hours later, you can program your bedtime routine (along with accompanying light preferences) down to the minute. And another added bonus? It’s a device dedicated entirely to sleep — a.k.a. no Alexa functionality here. It’s also beautiful enough to keep on your bedside table.

Best Robot: Lovot by Groove X

As previously reported, I fell in love with a robot named Lovot at CES. It stands about two feet off the ground, rolls around on wheels with a camera atop its head, and looks like a tiny hobbit with an exceptionally friendly disposition. Designed for emotional therapy, it coos, cuddles, and follows you around. This is not a productivity robot. But having seen in with my own eyes at CES, I am here to tell you that this fact does not matter. I, along with everyone else who came in contact with Lovot, immediately dropped to the floor to pet it. And Lovot can all be yours for $3,000 — that is, when it comes to the U.S.

Best Sex Tech: Lioness Generation 2

Of all the sex tech showcased at CES, Lioness stood out in particular for its AI-assisted orgasm guidance. Informed by data on 30,000+ orgasms and tons of user studies, Lioness Gen 2 uses biofeedback technology to measure arousal and orgasms based on pelvic motions and helps users learn more about their sex health and preferences by tracking these metrics. The app also records the exact vibration patterns used for each session, which you can replay.

Best Sustainable Tech: Rocean One

This new in-home kitchen device is a great way to cut down on plastic consumption and carbon emissions. It filters, flavors, and carbonates tap water — and honestly tastes great. (I tried the ginger flavor, which was quite refreshing.) In addition to being sleek enough to keep on the countertop, each pod is multi-use, which cuts down on waste even further.

Rocean One will be available for purchase this spring, but there’s already a waitlist now.

Best Apartment Speaker: Braun LE03

Braun debuted three new speakers at CES this year as part of its new LE Series, and they’re pretty freaking sleek. The LE03 is the smallest and least expensive of the line, but it packs a big punch and stands out amongst the bulb-like look that has swept the speaker market. With clean, chic edges and a powerful bass and overall sound, this is a speaker I’d definitely keep on a shelf. This one sells for $379, but if you’re looking to shell out more for even bigger sound, the LE01 and LE02 are great options.

Best Health Gadget: Oral-B iO

Put simply, this a very chic and smart toothbrush. I was given the opportunity to test out this Oral-B iO toothbrush overnight, and apparently, I’ve been brushing my teeth wrong this whole time. The device pairs with an app that uses artificial intelligence and Bluetooth to analyze your brushing patterns, gives you individualized feedback on your brushing pressure and coverage, and tracks your progress over time.

It also shows you in real-time what parts of your mouth still need attention. The brush has seven different brushing modes and a micro-vibration technology new to Oral-B. And I can honestly say it made my mouth feel cleaner than ever before — which I’m not exactly proud to share.

Best Selfie Camera: Air Pix

This new selfie camera by Air Selfie is smaller than an iPhone and flies autonomously to capture photos hands-free. It’s also nearly weightless and can capture 12 MG photos and 1080p 30fps video. You also don’t even need a smartphone to enable it — which means it can auto-fly around you whilst capturing photos without the accompanying app. Basically, it’s a really easy and convenient way to capture action shots or group photos without anyone having to contort their arm to get the perfect group selfie that someone is inevitably closing their eyes for. And it’s under $100.

Best Smart Home Tech: Kakao Friends Home Kit

This kit from Japanese brand Kakao includes a humidifier, lamp, alarm clock, air purifier, sensor, scale, and thermometer, and is also the cutest damn collection of home accessories I’ve ever seen. The scale is a cloud, the alarm clock has a bird perched atop it, millennial pink flowers grow out of the air purifier. Each item looks like it was fashioned out of marshmallow and was inspired by a corresponding Kakao Friends character.

As far as availability, the scale will launch this month for $120, the humidifier and lamp will be available in May for $120 each, and the purifier will be available for $150 in May, with the rest of the line to come.

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