17 Interview Prep Tips You Haven’t Heard

Get There Early — But Don’t Get In Early

Traffic and subway delays are beyond your control, so you’ll want to factor in some extra time when commuting to your appointment. An understanding interviewer won’t slam the door in your face if you get caught in a jam, but it is something you want to avoid whenever possible.

That said, showing up too early to the actual office isn’t great, either. Hiring managers usually have tightly packed schedules, and arriving before your appointment can throw them off. So plan to get to your destination 15 minutes early, but kill those extra 10 minutes in a coffee shop, and use the extra time to go over your interview prep. (And use the bathroom to double-check your makeup and give your hair a quick look.) You’ll still want to get into the interview five minutes early, but not so early that no one knows what to do with you.