Meet The Crystal-Loving L.A. Nail Artist Behind Julia Roberts’ Mystical Manis
How did you learn how to do the kind of nail art that would be seen on the Oscars red carpet?
“I began to make the effort to not be obsessive about controlling where the universe took me and let it take me where I was supposed to be. From then on things began falling into place. It was un-fucking-believable. After taking private nail lessons at
Marie Nails, I left my job and a week later I’d done my friend a favor and went to a photoshoot with her. There I met my future mentor and the woman who owns the agency
Nailing Hollywood, which represents me now,
Jenna Hipp. I introduced myself and she commented on my nails. She eventually cornered me in the middle of the day and told me about her agency and said I’d be a perfect fit. A week later I was doing Jennifer Lawrence’s nails.”


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