2019 Breast Cancer Statistics Men & Women Should Know
You know the people, the charities, the
ribbon symbol. But how much do you actually know about the cancer itself, and who it’s most likely to affect. This morning, the
American Cancer Society released a new study showing who breast cancer impacts, and what’s going on with death rates. Notably, it found that breast cancer
is now the leading cause of cancer death for Black women in six states, Carol DeSantis, MPH, lead author of the report, told
Refinery29. And although deaths from breast cancer have been rapidly declining since 1989, they noticed in their report that the decline has slowed since 2011. “It’s slowing slightly,” DeSantis said. “It was surprising. This is the first time we’ve noted that happening.” She couldn’t say for sure what was slowing the decline, but said it could have to do with a saturation of certain groups of patients who have been steadily benefiting from advances in early detection, treatment, and technology.