21 Gifts New Moms Actually Want (& It’s Not More Baby Stuff)
I’m going to let you in on an open secret: most of the things a new mom wants for herself actually can’t be bought. For example, as a first-time mom to a nine-month-old, here’s what’s topping my wish list right now: sleep, positive encouragement, more hours in the day, help around the house, and a bigger apartment. While one can’t exactly add any of these things to cart, there are a few items that helped me (or just comforted me) immensely during my first few months postpartum. (I’m also including stuff that I don’t have but would be thrilled to receive as a gift. Hint, hint.) So, if there’s a new or expecting mom in your life, these are some of the best gifts that I vouch for based on my own journey.

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