3 Ways To Speed Up Your DIY Manicure, Because Who Wants To Watch Paint Dry?
While it’s always a good idea to cap your manicure with a clear top coat for longevity, it’s also helpful in speeding up the drying process. According to Berkovitz, a quick-dry top coat will make a huge difference. “After polish, apply a quick-dry top coat and you’ll be pretty much good to go in two minutes flat,” she says. “The best part, it adds shine, too.” Manicurist Naomi Gonzales-Longstaff tells us that she prefers to use quick-dry drops, specifically Zoya’s Fast Drops, which when applied over wet polish, absorb the solvents to speed up the dry time. Either way, the logic is the same: Shine, seal, and get on with your life.

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