4 Years & 151 Flights Later: Meet An Instagram-Famous Couple That Travels For A Living
A lot of people probably wish they could quit their lives to pursue a dream, but for many it never becomes reality. How did you decide to take the plunge?
Chanel has always wanted to travel, so it was a dream of hers from the start. Stevo was a little hesitant to just “pack up and go” as it would mean putting his career on hold (not something he was comfortable doing). Then we both attended the Design Indaba conference in Cape Town and
watched Stefan Sagmeister (the New York-based, Austrian graphic designer) give a talk about “the power of time off.” He explained how he closes his entire agency every seven years to take a year off to reboot, recharge, and get creatively inspired. He made it sound like taking a break would actually be a
good thing for the career. So we got back home to Johannesburg and decided to do it. What followed was a year-long planning exercise, looking for ways to travel on a budget (we ended up doing a lot of volunteer work and some dog sitting in our first two years). We also stopped shopping, stopped spending frivolously, and saved every cent we could, selling our cars and furniture and then heading off a year later.