6 Makeup Mirrors That Will Satisfy Every Budget & Vanity

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro Wide View

Yes, this Alexa-enabled mirror costs as much as our monthly food budget. But for those looking for a vanity mirror beautiful enough to leave out, this stainless steel option is pretty compelling.

Aesthetics aside, the brand poured a bunch of R+D into the lighting, which uses surgical-grade LEDs to mimic overcast days, candlelight, office lighting, and more via controls in a downloadable app. Instead of powering up the mirror with a button (and smudging its surface), a motion sensor detects your presence and illuminates light strips on the main panel perimeter. The fold-out side panels also work wonders for seeing what’s really going on in the back of your head, and a removable 10x magnifier helps finally answer the question: What is that bump on my bikini line?