8 Dads Tell Us What They Really Want For Father’s Day
Annie Georgia Greenberg, Editor-at-Large

Out of all the Father’s Day gifts you’ve received over the years, which one has been your favorite and why?
The most important gifts to me have always been the time I get to spend with my now “adult” children, as well as the time and thoughtful words that go into what they choose to write me on that particular day. It does a parent’s heart good to feel that you’re appreciated. As it does children as well!

So far as tangible presents are concerned, I do like the fact that both my daughters think about what I would need and would suit me well, like my Google Chrome Book and the earbuds they gifted me the last two years.

What’s one thing you’d love to get this year and why?
This year, I was hoping to get the new book about early America pre-Revolution, “The British Are Coming” by Rick Atkinson. Being a history major in college, I have always enjoyed good narratives of American History like David McCullough’s 1776. This is the first part of 3 and looked like a captivating read. If you like that sort of thing!