8 Tattoos You Should Get If You’re A Gemini

So what if you’re a social butterfly who loves to gossip and control the music at every single party? Despite what the memes might say, Geminis are not the worst. In fact, we think it’s time for you to celebrate being the third sign in the zodiac — and what better way to do so than with a tattoo?

Since Geminis are one of the most multifaceted signs, finding a tattoo design you love isn’t hard. We know you hate authority — or literally anyone telling you what to do — but we tracked down the coolest tattoos any Gemini would, love inspired by your symbol (The Twins), your ruling planet (Mercury), and starry constellations.

Ahead, the best tattoos to get to celebrate Gemini season.

Your notoriously “two-faced” personality comes thanks to your dual-sided ruling symbol: The Twins.

You probably walk through life with both an angel and a devil on your shoulders. Some say this is a curse, but you consider it a Gemini blessing.

Who says being a charming snake is a bad thing if it comes in a dainty design like this?

There’s nothing more powerful than a set of Gemini twins — just look at Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Celebrate that power with matching sisters tattoos.

As one of the three mutable designs in the zodiac, Geminis are masters at adapting. So, when the seasons change — or a Mercury retrograde hits hard — they barely flinch.

Speaking of Mercury, it’s your ruling planet, making you a master of communication.

The shoulders, arms, and hands aren’t just a Gemini’s ruling body parts, but the perfect spots to get inked.

Out of all the designs to choose from, there are few as dainty and delicate as getting your starry constellation — even fellow Gemini Lucy Hale has one.

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