A Visual Guide To Dr. Pimple Popper’s Gnarliest Skin-Tag Surgeries

Dr. Pimple Popper’s YouTube content is NSFW on principle. Even if your office culture is chill (by office culture standards, anyway), it’s just not right to subject an innocent coworker to a close-up of stringy yellow pus squirting out of an ear blackhead while they’re trying to eat their leftover spaghetti for lunch.

That being said, the most recent viral sensation taking place in Dr. Sandra Lee’s L.A. office might be even more alarming to an unassuming passerby. It’s dangly, bulging, and comes with a video thumbnail that undeniably looks like something else entirely — it’s skin tag removal!

If you’re intrigued by skin tags — the tiny puffy buggers and big, bulging sacks — you’re going to love this introduction to Dr. Pimple Popper’s skin tag practice. Ahead, she shares the craziest cases she’s ever seen. Consider this a pro guide to the wild world of skin-tag snips.

A Giant Skin Tag Cherub

Dr. Lee calls this swingy sack a “skin tag cherub,” and one peek at the thumbnail image shows you why. If you’re curious, we suggest watching the strangely satisfying excision, but do your best to stay off the comments section here — it gets pretty dirty down there.

A Shriveled Grape Skin Tag on Inner Thigh

You can skip ahead 40 seconds into this video, which is when you’ll get the first look at a wrinkly, grape-sized skin tag. For the next two minutes you’ll stare in awe as Dr. Lee squeezes and pulls at the shriveled sack of skin before slicing it off clean.

Two Skin Tags Removed on the Thighs

One YouTube commenter writes, “It’s interesting how the color changes once the blood flow is interrupted.” Color us very curious.

Medley of Blackheads, Milia & Skin Tags

For the pimple-popping fanatic, this video comes with a medley of pops. There’s some blackhead squeezing, milia around the eye area, plus a few teeny-tiny skin tags that require baby-sized scissors.

Removing Skin Tags and “Wisdom Spots”

This one takes place on the neck area, where dark age spots and skin tags are most common. Dr. Lee tells us that it’s not medically necessary to remove these little raised bumps, but many of her patients opt for removal for cosmetic reasons, because they’re pretty tough to hide.

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