A Week In A Midwestern City On A $300,000 Salary
Occupation: Physician
Industry: Healthcare
Age: 37
Location: Midwest
Salary: $300,000 (plus bonuses totaling ~$25,000-$35,000/year)
Net Worth: High six figures, close to seven depending on the markets. This figure includes house, car, HYSA, 401(k), and investment/brokerage accounts.
Debt: $0 (student loans, car loan, house mortgage paid off a few years ago, credit card balances paid in full every two weeks)
Paycheck Amount (biweekly): $7,000
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Housing Cost: $500 (I live alone in a nice suburb; the $500 monthly housing cost includes property tax, HOA fees, and insurance. I finished paying off my mortgage.)
401(k): Employer matches 5%, I max out the contribution each year
Health/Vision/Dental Insurance: I don’t know the exact amount because it is subsidized by my employer; I opt for low deductible plans because I have a few chronic health issues
Utilities: ~$75
Gas: ~$75-$120 (varies seasonally)
Electricity: ~$90-$150 (varies seasonally)
Internet: $75
Vehicle Registration/Insurance: $75
Cell Phone: $50
Netflix: $16
Amazon: $10
HBO: $15
Waxing: $70
Fitness Studio: suspended since March (COVID)
Charity: $700 (I split this amount between two different 501(c) orgs, which I change up every year or two. The choices this year are a specific type of cancer and substance abuse among homeless populations.)

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