A Week In Atlanta, GA, On A Joint $146,000 Income

9 a.m. — My day doesn’t start until 9:30 today, so when I wake up I have time to sneak in a little project before I have to leave. I make these cool metal bars that are stamped with words like “peace” and “breathe” and attach them to yoga mats with rivets to bring some joy to my fellow yogis. I got a request for “strong,” and I absolutely love how it came out. Then I have my daily lemon water and vitamins, and it’s off to the studio. This morning’s class is small. They get smaller once summer hits, so I’m not surprised. After class, I hang out with another instructor and her daughter and live vicariously through her as I hear all about her summer travel and camp plans. Oh, to be 14 again…I digress. When I come home, my partner is just getting ready for work, so I make her breakfast and a lunch to go, and she’s on her merry way. I start some laundry, whip up a big carafe of tea, and sit down to start a Webinar.