A Week In Boston, MA On A $75,000 Salary

Monthly Expenses
Mortgage: $1,530 (for my half of a mortgage on a five bed, three bath house in the ‘burbs that I split with N. and our collective four children, includes taxes and insurance; I share the house with my husband, my two kids from a previous marriage, and my two stepkids from my husband’s previous marriage)
Loans: $0 (student loan and car loan is paid off)
Utilities (water, gas, electric): ~$200 for my half
Cable/Cell: N. pays
Health Insurance: N. pays for a family plan which covers me, my kids are covered by their dad
Cell Phone: $171 for five lines (N., me and three kids, which includes payments on two phones)
Netflix: $10.99
Hulu: $0 (included in our cell phone plan)
Gym: $54 for me and four kids (M. pays $20 for gym closer to his work)
Kids activities: ~$400 (depending on the sport season)
Car insurance: $77
Fuel: ~$125
401(k): $804
Amazon Prime: $119 (annually)
Savings: I don’t keep a separate savings account, but I do a zero sum budget once a month and have several “sinking” funds for home/car maintenance, saving for new car, Christmas, vacations, etc. My checking account usually has between $15k-$20k at all times. This Money Diary is just my spending. N. and I have totally separate accounts and I don’t include his income or spending in my totals.