A Week In Brooklyn, NY, On A $32,000 Income

11 a.m. — Showered and settling into the workday. It’s bill paying day. I pay warehouse rent ($1,470 for 750 square feet, expensed), warehouse parking ($250 for one spot, expensed), warehouse utilities ($253.53, expensed), an overdue bill from the farmer’s market ($258 including $50 late fee, yikes!, expensed), credit card payment ($5,000), co-packer payment ($11,280.12, expensed), and some freight payments ($2,266 expensed). Immediately after I pay the farmer’s market bill online, I get an email from them letting me know they adjusted the invoice to remove the late fee — annoying, but cheaper! I also decide to go ahead and pay my personal credit card balance out of my savings account rather than eating the interest charge ($1,417.31).