A Week In Brussels On A $34,376 Income

10:46 a.m. — I work on backbends and handstands this morning, fold laundry, and do some journaling. Then I stumble out for groceries before breakfast, which I pay for using my pet’s Amex ($26.24). Groceries consist of: bananas, limes, and organic mushrooms, mozzarella, ricotta, butter, dark chocolate bars, organic pre-made fresh pancakes, and a Viennois pastry. I text with the boo about his job search. Currently he’s receiving a stipend of $1,200/month for an internship, which isn’t much to live on when you’re solo. He’s eyeing some international firms, and he found the salaries of American lawyers mind boggling. We joke about how it must be proportional to the cost of cocaine in those cities. Realistically, the apartment we’re living in would be about $7,500/month in NY (based on space and location). So even if he gets a ridiculous pay raise, if we have to move, our quality of life will likely decrease. I’m open to the future and to changing lifestyles. We shall see.