A Week In Centennial, CO, On A $78,000 Salary
Occupation: Buyer
Industry: Aerospace
Age: 37
Location: Centennial, CO
Salary: $78,000
Boyfriend’s Salary: He is not salaried, he works based on commission see below
My Paycheck Amount (biweekly): $2,040
Boyfriend’s Paycheck: (2x/week): $700- $3,000 (he’s a mechanic and his pay is considered commission)
Gender Identity: Cis Woman

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $1,700 (for two-bed apartment, including water/trash)
Car Payment/Insurance: $1,250
Credit Cards: $850 ($18,000 total between two credit cards and a 0% interest furniture loan)
Tool Truck Payments For Boyfriend: $100
Storage Unit: $40
Cell Phone: $140
Hulu/Netflix/Spotify: $40 (share HBO and CBS w/ sister)
Student Loans: $500 ($45,000 total. Boyfriend is on an income-based repayment plan, which is why his is so low)
Utilities: $100-250
Retirement: My company puts 12% of my salary in a SEP-IRA without my contribution. Boyfriend has a pension plan paid for by his part-time work. We plan to increase this by 100% when my boyfriend’s new job sorts itself out. His current job offers no retirement options.
Savings: We try for $500 a month, depends entirely on my boyfriend’s paycheck.
Amazon Prime: $70 a year, we use my boyfriend’s work email to claim student Prime
Renters Insurance: $180 annual
Health/Dental Insurance: $250 a month pre-tax and it covers both of us.

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