A Week In Grand Rapids, MI, On A $74,000 Salary

Monthly Expenses
Mortgage: $787 (Including property taxes and insurance. I bought a house two years ago on my own after owning a condo and flipping it a bit. I made $25,000 on the condo and avoided PMI on the house.)
Car Payment: $402
iPhone Payment: $58
Student Loans: $0 (I paid them off 50-50 with my parents over the last three years.)
Federal & State Taxes: $1,381
Health & Dental Insurance: $43
HSA Contribution: $108
Car Insurance: $100
Cell Phone: $25, paid to my dad for my portion of the family plan
Community Volleyball League Gym Rental: $20
YouTube TV: $10 (I pay a friend to be on his account.)
Apple Music: $15 (I share this with my ex-boyfriend, and he shares Netflix and Amazon Prime with me.)
Pandora: $5 (Because sometimes I can’t be bothered with making the song selection, and no thank you to commercials.)
401(k): $617 (10% of salary)
Roth IRA: $100 (I have $15,000 saved in my Roth from saving only $100 a month, plus a one time contribution of about $2,500 from a tax refund. I started when I was 22 — my dad gave me the great advice to do this. I also have $36,000 in a Traditional IRA from previous 401(k)s, which I rolled over when I left. I’ve done this twice since I started a 401(k) in 2014.)