A Week In Knoxville, TN, On A $54,000 Salary

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $1,000 ($950 + $50 for a parking space)
Student Loan Payment: $0 (My parents helped with undergrad so I only had $6,500 in loans, which I paid off shortly after graduating.)
401(k): 6%, or about $115 per paycheck. My employer matches 3%.
Utilities: $50 (I use a levelized bill payment plan that takes the estimated cost of utilities for my apartment for a year and averages it, so my utility bill is the same every month.)
Savings: $1,000
Car Payment: $242
Car/Renters Insurance: $108
Spotify: $10
Sling/Netflix: $36
Health Insurance: $100
Internet: $50
Cell Phone: $60 (I pay my mom one-quarter of the cost of our family plan.)
Gym: $29 (I have a fitness plan through my insurance company, which gets me a membership to the YMCA, Planet Fitness, and a couple of private gyms for $29 a month, flat.)