A Week In Los Angeles, CA, On A $71,000 Salary
Occupation: Communications Manager
Industry: Higher Education
Age: 27
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Salary: $71,000
Net Worth: $23,000 (this reflects my HYSA, Roth IRA, 403b, and car minus debt)
Debt: $40,838
Paycheck Amount (1x/month): $4,060
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $0 for now. I moved in with my parents in March when I started working from home, but I’m planning to move out in a month or two.
Loans: $1,480 ($1,000 toward student loans b/c I’m trying to get rid of it ASAP, $230 toward car, and $250 toward LASIK)
403(b): 5% of paycheck + 10% company match
Roth IRA: $500
Robinhood: $100
HYSA: between $500-$1,000
Car Insurance: $79
Cell Phone: $0 (on a family plan that my sister and brother-in-law generously pay)
HBO: $15 (I share this with my partner and sister; I use my partner’s Netflix)
ClassPass: $49 (currently paused)

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