A Week In Maui, HI, On A $44,100 Salary
5 p.m. — We walk to Safeway for a Redbox movie and a free donut for the kids. My fiancé and I get some beer for us and a few other things for the kids this weekend. My fiancé buys because idk… he’s a gentleman or something like that.

6 p.m. — We have an early dinner (beans and scrambled eggs) because we’re all super hungry. Then we play a game of lotería, update our Safeway monopoly board, and then just hang out and watch our Redbox movie. We got Spies in Disguise. It’s cute, but I’m mostly distracted with all this coronavirus stuff. I am a historically anxious person, but I try not to think about it at all and have a beer and watch the movie. After all of the kids go to sleep, we hang and talk together. We decide on an officiant and photographer! So, my fiancé Venmos the photographer the deposit of $100. We stay up until midnight again, have another beer, watch another movie, and just hang out and talk.

Daily Total: $0

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