A Week In Missouri On A $36,000 Salary

2 p.m. — After Walmart, we hit up Aldi for groceries for the week. We may live in a small town (and, in my case, teach in an even smaller, adjacent one!) but there’s an Aldi, so when I start missing living in the city, at least I can rejoice in the fact I have a place close by where I can pick up German treats and Winking Owl wine. You do what you can. But seriously, I would never move to a town that didn’t have an Aldi — it’s a big selling point. We pick up sweet potato chips (I could eat my weight in them), granola bars, pretzels for weekday work snacks, zucchini, sweet potatoes, baby carrots, red potatoes, hummus, a big tray of chicken thighs that are on sale, hamburger meat, buns, white rice, green beans, corn, prepackaged potstickers, and salad, and I talk my husband into a variety pack of Wild Grove ciders. Ciders are my weakness (okay, one of my weaknesses!), and they’re perfect for fall. $83