A Week In New Jersey On A $40,000 Salary

12:30 p.m. — N. and I drive to the local Trader Joe’s. Not sure what it is about TJ’s that makes grocery shopping fun, but we honestly look forward to going there every Sunday! N. and I usually grocery shop separately, since we have pretty different taste in food and I’m a vegetarian, although sometimes we buy surprise snacks for each other. Today, I buy oranges, limes, bananas, jalapeños, a bell pepper, a red onion, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, radishes, mushrooms, avocados, cucumbers, cilantro, baby spinach, shredded cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, black beans, pinto beans, pasta, tortilla chips, plantain chips, shredded coconut, dark chocolate almonds, a frozen pizza, and a bar of lemon scented soap. $59.83