A Week In New York City On A $55,000 Salary

10 a.m. — Today is a Jewish holiday, so I expect work to be extremely slow today. I do a few quick organizational tasks and have basically finished my work for the day. I take a minute to pay off my credit cards, since Friday is payday. I have four credit cards — my original starter card I got five years ago, a great general rewards card, a dining and travel rewards card, and a high signup bonus card. I rarely use the first one; I just put a few charges on it every few months to keep it active, since while I have a high credit score, my average account age is low due to my newer cards. Right now, I’m primarily using the high bonus card since I have to meet the minimum spend by November. I was planning to use the credits on airfare for a Greece trip with A. next summer, but now, who knows.