A Week In New York City On A $82,500 Salary

10:30 p.m. — WELLLLLL (lol, don’t you love how you know things will take a turn when a sentence starts off this way…), this was a very unexpected and fun night. My friend, V., is leaving for Vietnam tomorrow for three weeks so we decided to have a sushi night with our other friend, J. We go to Sushi by Bou, which is an amazing omakase experience for only $50. However, sushi with one drink, turned into multiple rounds of sake shots, all comped by the restaurant because J. finished their challenge (a six-layer sushi bite, filled with toro, uni, eel, ikra, and more). We decide to continue the night at the bar downstairs where I get a vodka soda. V. really needs to go home to sleep and finish packing so we all head out around 10:30-11. I take the subway home, have a few chicken nuggets, and snuggle on the couch next to A. $113.11

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