A Week In New York, NY, On A $111,524 Salary

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $1,500 (my half of a two-bedroom in upper Manhattan with a friend from college)
Student Loans: $313 ($21,000 left out of $30,000)
Electric: $20-$40 depending on season (my half)
Internet: $37.50 (my half)
Gym membership: $53
Spotify Premium: $9.99
Netflix: $0 (thank you mom and dad)
Phone: $0 (thank you mom and dad)
Monthly Unlimited NYC Metrocard: $0 (covered by employer)
401(k): $500 (5% in traditional, 1% in Roth, $3,000/year matched by employer. I started contributing to a 401(k) almost two years ago at a different employer with a lower salary, so currently have ~$2,400 and plan to contribute more when loans are paid off)
Health/Dental/Vision: $73.18 (taken out of paycheck)
Savings: $500-$1,000 (currently at $24,000. Working to save up to $30,000 and use that and my annual bonus to pay off the rest of my loan balance to cut off six years of payments.)