A Week In New York, NY, On A $180,000 Income

12 p.m. — I end up only running 10 minutes late to Kleinfeld. Phewf! O. is already there and we head up to the bridesmaids section. To note, the bride lives in Europe, so we’re essentially taking photos of the dresses we try on to send to her for approval. Apparently, you have to make an appointment to try on dresses, so luckily, they have an availability later in the afternoon so we schedule our appointment for 2:30. Since neither of us had food, O. and I head around the corner to grab brunch. I order a Bloody Mary to start my meal, and O. is much healthier, so she gets a coffee. As we’re munching on our food, we chat about some personal issues that arose since we last saw each other (which was last night). We almost lose track of time, so we rush out to head back to Kleinfeld. $30

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