A Week In Philadelphia, PA, On A $200,000 Income

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $450 – I live in a three bedroom, three-bathroom house that my boyfriend bought a few years ago. It’s already very inexpensive because it’s not in the nicest/safest place in Philly, and then it’s split by four of us. I just moved in last month (after being long distance for many years — yay!). We may move into our own place at some point, but we’re happy where we are for now, and the savings are huge. I was paying $1,500-$2,000/month for rent/utilities for the last nine years in a different city, so this is a huge change.
Student Loans: $0 (I finished paying off my student loans last year. $20,000 for in-state tuition after scholarships.)
Utilities: ~$75 for my share
Renter’s Insurance: $14.83
Cable/Internet: We get it for free through my boyfriend’s work.
Phone: $0 (My work pays, which is new!)
Healthcare: $0 (Work pays, though it’s a super high deductible — $6,750. They contribute half to an HSA.)
Savings: ~$7,000 (This includes $1,875 in my 401(k) and then ~$5,000 post-tax that I invest. I have always been an aggressive saver — since graduating, I have accumulated $400,000 in investment accounts and $40,000 in savings. The savings will be used to invest at some point, but markets are at all-time highs right now.)