A Week In San Diego, CA On A Joint $160,000 Income

3 p.m. — As much as we wanted to go out and play after nap time, it’s started raining again. We’re southern Californians and don’t do well in the rain, so we decide to stay in, build a pillow fort, and watch Frozen. Again. While my partner is keeping everyone happy in the pillow fort, I am able to meal prep like I meant to do earlier before my surprise nap. This week the kids will be having dino nuggets and meatballs for lunch, with sides of honeydew, edamame, pretzels, and yogurt tubes. For my partner and I, I grill up some hamburger patties and salmon steaks for the next few days of dinners and lunches. Sundays bring out the goal setter in me and I’m determined to spend less money eating out! At this point, my partner hits their limit with Frozen and impulse buys Finding Nemo through our Amazon Fire Stick. ($12.99). Love ya, Elsa, but I love Dory even more! (OMG, who have I turned into….) $12.99