A Week In Silver Spring, MD, On A $266,716 Joint Income

Monthly Expenses
Mortgage + Property Tax: $2,027 (we own our condo)
Loans: $0 (we finished paying off my student loans earlier this year and our cars are paid in full)
HOA (includes our water): $567
Estimated Taxes: $4,000
Parking: $246 for two spaces
Electricity + Gas: $85
Cable + Internet: $125
Netflix: $12.99 (I share with my family)
Amazon Prime: $119/year (My husband shares with me)
Magazine, Newspaper, Pandora, & Cloud Storage Subscriptions: $67
Life insurance: $739 (for myself and my husband)
Disability Insurance: $130 (for just me, my husband gets his through work)
Car, Condo, Umbrella Insurance: $263
Cell Phone: $75 for me (I’m still on the family plan and send my parents money every month), $100 for my husband
Credit Card Fees: $650/year (includes a membership to American’s Admirals Club)
Gym Membership: $54.95
Wine Club: $53.10 for two bottles
Car Wash Membership: $29.99
Health Insurance: $210 per paycheck (pre-tax) from my husband’s paycheck
Retirement: $1,583 per month into my work 401 and 8% of my husband’s income goes to his pension and an extra $760 into his government 457 account
Savings: $1,900 ($1,400 from me, $500 from my husband)