A Week In The Metropolitan New York City Area On A $355,000 Salary
Occupation: VP of Research and Development
Industry: Medical Technology
Age: 50
Location: Metropolitan New York City Area
Salary: $355,000 salary (+ $180,000 bonus + $225,000 LTI (long-term incentives) with a four-year vesting schedule, both contingent on performance)
Net Worth: $2,945,000 (IRA: $1,900,000 (I recently cashed out most of my long-term incentives and rolled the money into my existing brokerage account), 401k: $385,000 (will be rolling this into my existing IRA due to a job change), LTI: $380,000 (will be cashing this out before mid-December, also due to the job change), Savings/checking: $320,000, Pension:$180,000 (this has been dormant for years) minus debt ($220,000 mortgage))
Debt: Mortgage: $202,000
Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $13,653
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Mortgage: $1,302
Property Taxes: $1,200 (escrowed, so a nice round number)
HOA: $418
Cable: $260 (includes Netflix in this cost)
Cell: On a family plan with my partner, he pays for us and his kids
529: $600 (split between three kids)
Car Lease/Insurance: $800 (insuring two cars (one owned) and my annual premium is paid over nine months, not 12)
Utilities: $350 (averaging the hot as balls summer with keeping my house coolish in the spring, fall, and winter…this includes gas, electric, water)
Hulu: $9
Color & Co Root Touch-Up Kit: $22
Coffee Auto-Delivery: $35
Various Donations: $500
Medication: $39
SiriusXM: $12
401(k): $1,600 (pre-tax, but not shown in gross pay above…I haven’t gotten my new paycheck yet, but I divide the max contribution across my 26 paychecks)
Health Insurance: $330 (pre-tax, but not shown in gross pay above)
Tax Payments: $2,000 (in excess of paycheck withholdings)

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