A Week In Toulouse, France, On A $50,000 Salary

8:15 a.m. — Oops — Monday morning, and we sleep through our first alarms. X. jumps up and takes a quick shower before heading out. I take pup to get some time at the park. I’m happy because I have time to listen more to The Flight Attendant audiobook. Once back home, I pour a bowl of muesli and milk, set the coffee to start brewing, and then do my Monday net worth check-in where I take a look at my bank accounts and current student-loan balance to check on progress. For sure, my biggest “Money Moves” day. I also pay off my credit card balance while I’m in my banking app. Hmm, I notice that my last paycheck didn’t route my 401(K) contribution to the account. I know I’d recently updated the contribution, so it may have to do with that, but I need to check on it, so I write in to our 401(K) custodian. Lastly, I make a $400 payment to the student loan I’m currently focusing on. With this payment, I’ll only have $1,000 more on it!