A Week In Vienna On A $35,936 Salary

10 p.m. — I am back in my own apartment without plans for the evening. I decide to take my bike trailer over to my old apartment to see if I can haul all my stuff out. When I arrive, I notice that there is a lot more stuff here than I realized. I left some chairs, a carpet, and the stereo equipment for my friend’s party as well as some tools and other random stuff. In addition, my friends left me all their leftover alcohol, which is nice of them, but now I have to transport it somehow. No way is this going to fit in the trailer. I pack the stereo, the carpet, and some curtains, and make my way back. It’s only a 10-minute walk, but it’s really annoying because I have to haul the trailer by hand. I was supposed to go on a hike with my brother and parents tomorrow, but realize this is going to take longer than anticipated, so I call my parents and cancel.