A Week In Washington, D.C., On A $60,000 Salary

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $1,200
Credit Card Payment: $300 (I have one credit card with a balance of $4,000 that I’m still working to pay off.)
Student Loans: $0 (Just for now. I have about $80,000 in debt from law school, but those loans are in deferment. Undergrad was generously paid for by my dad.)
Health, Dental & Vision Insurance: $0 (covered by my employer)
Metro: $80, pre-tax
Internet, Cable & Gas: $75 for my half
Retirement: $100 to my 403(b)
Hulu, Netflix & Amazon Prime: $0 (My mom and I switch off paying for these things year to year, and this year it’s her turn.)
Spotify: $10
Imperfect Produce Subscription: ~$12 to $16 a week (depending on the amount of produce I select each week)
Savings: ~$2,000 (I put away $1,000 from each paycheck. And then I take only rent out and leave the rest in savings, which comes to about ~$800 a month. )