A Week In Washington, D.C., On A $88,966 Salary

10:30 a.m. — Finally getting out of bed. It is disconcertingly sunny and warm for January. I guess we’ll just enjoy the slow collapse of our planet? I put on a lavender jumpsuit, black sheer kimono, and big pearly hoops. Super sore from yesterday’s workout, so H. uses a rolly….stick…thing on my legs. We show up five minutes late to Whole Foods for most breakfast food and H. is crushed. I pick out a few random things (pasta salad, strange breakfast pizza) and then get Topo Chico, canned and fresh anchovies, hearts of palm, spiced orange Italian soda, eggs, ground turkey, satsumas, and mini chocolate chips. I also find a bag of frozen ripe jackfruit. I haven’t had good jackfruit for ten years since going back to the motherland. I had a dream that I was back there with family last night, meeting all my little nieces and nephews, and it was tough waking up from it. Going back is unlikely given my job. Separately, H. picks up a giant tomahawk steak, flax milk, and fruit. $50.36

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