Actually, Abortion Litmus Tests Are A Good Thing
And then, there’s the case of Joe Biden. Oof, Joe. This week he announced
his continued support for the
Hyde Amendment, which bars federal funds from financing abortions, before a sudden overnight turnaround on the subject. While it may seem like progress, Biden also
said he’d offer “no apologies” for his previous position, making it hard to gauge just how committed he is to actually repealing the amendment; Rebecca Traister made a compelling case in March for how
Biden’s rickety-at-best stances on abortion span decades, not to mention the larger questions he’s faced around his treatment of women, from
Anita Hill to
female voters on the campaign trail. Once again, the abortion litmus test is just the beginning in an avalanche of questionable-at-best behavior, both for Biden as a candidate and as a legislator.
It’ll also come as no surprise that
the main themes of Biden’s campaign kickoff were compromise and unity, in addition to his bone-headed belief that
Republicans will miraculously see the light and start working with Democrats after Trump loses in 2020 — which, as
Ben Mathis-Lilley pointed out, is exactly what he said about Republicans after the 2012 election. Hmmm.