After RBG’s Death, Here’s How The Republicans Will Try To Screw Us
In 2017, Trump personally interviewed three people for Gorsuch’s seat: Thomas Hardiman, William H. Pryor Jr., and Amul R. Thapar. For Kavanaugh’s seat, Hardiman was once again thought to be the frontrunner, though two others — Raymond Kethledge and Amy ­Coney Barrett — were also considered for the spot. As early as Friday night, Barrett was already thought to be the frontrunner for Ginsburg’s seat, since Trump had previously appointed two white men. Barrett, a 48-year-old Evangelical Christian, could serve for decades on the Supreme Court if she is appointed. Sens. Bernie Sanders and Diane Feinstein have, in the past, taken issue with Barrett’s beliefs, particularly her statements regarding religion, and will likely continue to oppose her if she is nominated.

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