All About The Brand New iPhone — & Everything Else Apple Just Announced

With the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple is also launching Deep Fusion, a new image processing system that takes nine separate images with each photo and optimizes the pixels from each to produce the best composite image. Equally stunning is the video you can take on the Pro, which lets you seamlessly alternate between the three lenses on the rear of the phone and the selfie camera on the front. (You can even see all four fields of view in quadrants on the same screen, as presented at the keynote by Tangerine filmmaker Sean Baker, who shot his film exclusively on an iPhone.) The phone comes in midnight green, space grey, and a new gold finish, and is available in two sizes — 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches. For most users, the iPhone 11 will be a completely sufficient device, but for developers and professional creators (and users who simply want Pro-level devices), the iPhone 11 Pro will be available for $1379 CAD, and the larger iPhone 11 Pro Max will cost $1519 CAD. Preorders will start this Friday, shipping on September 20.