All The Efforts To Impeach Trump & Why This Time Is  Different
By February, when Trump’s former “fixer” Michael Cohen copped to paying Daniels $130,000 to deny her pre-election affair, he publicly testified under oath to high crimes and misdemeanors committed by Trump. During the proceedings,
Cohen referred to Trump as “racist” and a “disgraced felon,” implicating him in about
11 different impeachable felonies. Led by Nadler, the House Judiciary Committee then requested over 81 documents and testimonies as part of a “pre-impeachment” investigation. Within the following month, as the Mueller report was delivered parsed through by Attorney General William Barr, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib introduced another formal impeachment resolution against Trump. Tlaib, the first Palestenian-American congresswoman in the U.S.,
swore on the day of her election to “impeach the motherfucker,” and has since attempted to make good on that promise.