Ally Condie Is A Maker & Breaker Of YA Dystopian Worlds
Following the
Matched trilogy and
Atlantia‘s success, Condie’s name has become synonymous with “dystopia.” But what’s a dystopian author to do when what happens when the real world begins, more and more, to resemble something out of her books? For her latest book,
The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe, out March 2019, Condie had to cast her imagination even farther into humanity’s timeline. Instead of creating a dystopian world, Condie imagines what comes after the dystopia falls. When the world fragments into small, isolated communities like the Outpost in
Poe Blythe; when iron-fisted rulers distribute scarce resources to needy populations. When “ancient ruins” become skyscrapers and garbage piles.