Amara La Negra Shouldn’t Have To Educate You. But Class Is In Session.

The vision of Amara in her protest videos — powerful, principled, flawlessly made-up, and, maybe, controversy-prone — is one that she works to project to the world. Amara admits to maintaining a carefully curated image for her public, saying, “I allow people to see what I want them to see … I always have to show that I am strong, that I can do this.” Amara’s Love & Hip Hop boss, Mona Scott-Young, respects her for this work, saying, Whether it was tackling the very real issue of colorism within the Black and Latin community or sharing her challenging experiences of being a darker-skinned Latin artist trying to cross into a medium that favored lighter-skinned artists, Amara never hesitated to be vocal about her thoughts or tackle the issues of race and gender prejudice head-on.”But behind the ornate black doors of her home, Amara reckons with the immense pressure of constantly advocating for her people — and the racist hate that comes with it. 

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