An Ode To UGGs: The “Ugly” Shoe Everyone Loves To Hate
Maybe it’s the memory of them that’s been ingrained in my mind from years of daily wear, or perhaps the comforting feeling of wearing what feel like slippers all day (even when working), but something about UGGs keeps them close to my heart. To find out if others, too, feel the same continued kinship to their UGG boots as I do, I posed the question on Instagram. “My high school boyfriend bought me my first and only pair in ‘09. Somehow they are still alive in my closet,” said Kathryn Zahorak from Los Angeles. “Someone got me a pair of UGG slippers and they changed my life,” wrote Sam Ehrlich from New York. Karsen Schafer-Jünger, also from New York, said that she still remembers when, as a ‘00s kid, she “was surprised to find a pair on Christmas morning” because her family was struggling with money. “They were chocolate brown classics and it was a BIG deal,” she told me. She, too, bought a new pair of UGGs recently: red Mini IIs just like mine. And those were just a few of the highlights. (Naturally, my childhood friends had to remind me of the D.C. photos, as if the memory of them wasn’t still crystal clear in my head.) 

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