Ask A Plant Queen: How Do You Save A Dying Plant?
If you have pest problem you first need to identify which pest is sucking the life out of your green friend — mealy bugs, spider mites, scale or aphids (aphids are the WORST). Treatment for pests starts with taking the plant far away from other healthy plants so the pests don’t spread. Then you must clean and clean persistently. Use a spray bottle and dilute
Neem oil and go to town. Get to all the crevices and leaf folds, and be sure to open your windows and wear gloves. For those who haven’t heard of it, Neem oil is made from crushing the Neem plant seed, and is considered a safe and organic pesticide and fungicide for your indoor and outdoor garden. It’s even used in skin care remedies, though it’s always best to dilute Neem oil with water and protect your plant foliage from direct sun after application.