At 16, She Schooled A Senator On Planned Parenthood & That Was Just The Beginning
“At just 15, I borrowed my boyfriend at the time’s car and drove the 45 minutes to the clinic with no insurance, no parent, and no money, but with a determination to take control of my reproductive health and my future,” Foxx said on Wednesday evening in a speech at the annual Planned Parenthood NYC gala, where she received the Catalyst of Change award. “I was treated with respect and care, and walked away with six months of birth control at no cost to me. And I’m proud to stand in front of you today, living proof that because of the tireless work people like you get up and do every day, politicians like Jeff Flake didn’t stand a damn chance.” The award was presented by
Karamo Brown from Queer Eye, and PPNYC honored Spike and Tonya Lewis Lee on the same night.