Beautyblender Adds 8 New Foundation Shades After Bounce Backlash
But of course, you have to wonder why these eight shades took longer to develop, and Silva says it has to do with getting the undertones
just right. “It’s harder to differentiate undertones in darker shades. So, these shades needed extra love and attention when perfecting, because they are variations of the existing shades,” says Silva. “We focused on working with newer tones like ‘olive’ and rounding out the deeper undertones. Slight differences make
all the difference in foundation.” The new additions include a variety of tan and dark shades, one fair shade, and a new deep shade. What will now be the darkest color in the Bounce range, 4.75, is off the
Color IQ chart at Sephora, meaning that it was formulated to be darker than any other foundation sold at the beauty giant.