Biden, Beto & Bernie Are Leading The Polls. Are Women Reluctant To Support Women?
There are 10 months left until the primaries start and most Democratic voters either aren’t paying attention or haven’t made their decision yet. But early earnings are important and, combined with the poll numbers, they paint a picture of white men leading the pack — although Harris has had an impressive climb, especially when it comes to donations. Opinion polls
show that Democrats prioritize an “electable” candidate who can beat Trump, and many voters see a successful challenger who can
hold their own in the boxing ring with Trump — who is sure to fight dirty — as a white man. Based on our interviews with voters, this is especially true for older women. While women who support Biden, Beto, or Bernie generally say that they think it’s important for the country to elect a female president one day, they don’t see 2020 as the year.