Black Voter Intimidation Is More Present Than Ever — Here’s How Activists Are Fighting Back
While voter intimidation might conjure ideas of only violent tactics to scare voters away from the polls, there are other kinds of intimidation that people might not necessarily recognize as such at first. “There are many forms that voter intimidation can take and it’s important to look out for all of them,” says Ossai. Police officers standing too close to polling places when they’re not needed, parking authorities targeting people and ticketing them can all be forms of intimidation, as well as asking people to provide ID when they shouldn’t have to. “It can also be parades of trucks, large rallies with partisan gear. In a COVID-19 struck world, it can also look like people refusing to wear masks,” says Ossai. Because of this, Ossai says all guardians employed to polling stations there have masks to hand out to people if they need them, so they know they’re not alone during such scary times.

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