Can Abigail Spanberger Overcome The Odds In Virginia?
“Particularly women have come up to me and said, I’m here because my daughter or my son has come to meet you — that has happened multiple times. … It’s so incredibly important that younger people within our communities are told that people in politics care about their opinion, and their opinion is validated. I think the numbers are going to be pretty good. According to the Virginia Public Access Project (
VPAP), turnout among young people was way up in 2017. That makes me feel enthusiastic. And not just among young people: We were just in Orange County, where many people told me they had never been at a political event before mine. I met a woman who was 99 years old and had only voted once; for me in the primary. It’s very common at our events for people to say, ‘I’ve never been at a political event before, but here I am.'”