Cardi B Wore Craft-Store Pearls & $3 Hairspray To The Grammys
While her
Birth of Venus-inspired Thierry Mugler gown made a statement in and of itself, the magic was in the details — especially when it came to her sky-high pearl headpiece, which exactly matched the one worn in the 1995 fall couture show. Celebrity hairstylist
Tokyo Stylez, who partnered with Suave to create the look, reveals that they didn’t actually use the original piece, so they had to improvise. “I saw the old photos and brought that vision to life,” Stylez exclusively tells
Refinery29 of the look that took three hours to complete. “It was actually very inexpensive. I got the pearls at a local crafts store and the hair from the brand
Lustful Hair.
All of it was very affordable, so it didn’t cost much.”